At Loom Yoga Center, we are dedicated to strengthening your practice and building a community based on strong, personal relationships between teachers and students. Our mission is to maintain high energy levels and ensure the highest quality classes while keeping rates affordable. The warm and peaceful environment of our studio welcomes students of all levels and allows our teachers to observe each student throughout the class as needed.

We are privileged to offer a diverse range of classes weekly, encompassing various yoga styles, meditation sessions, and specialized workshops.

Teachers at Loom Yoga Center come from varied training backgrounds across the globe, enjoying the independence to tailor their classes to reflect their individual styles. ​We are dedicated to ongoing development, continually introducing new classes and opportunities for our students to enhance their practice and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

We consider it our responsibility to provide an open platform to channel personal expression through the ancient practice of yoga, integrating contemporary exercise. This commitment to the community, our students, and our teachers is what inspires us.

Founded in 2010, Loom Yoga Center is located in the dynamic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We invite you to join us and provide feedback, as it is the new ideas from our supporters that help us evolve. For more information, questions, or suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

Create yourself! Live yourself! Be yourself!